Why look to Christianity for recovery through the 12 Steps?

When we are new to recovery, we found ourselves in a very fragile state. We’re mad at our concept of God, broken, hurting, and often alone because of the pain we have caused to others. Having finally admitted our powerlessness, and in no shape to make big decisions, we are suddenly hit with one the biggest questions that can be asked. What is your Higher Power? Who is the God of your understanding? These questions have driven many out the door, never to return to a 12 Step Program. Some refuse to open their minds to the possiblity of a power greater than themselves, and those that are open often have had bad experiences with mainstream religions. However, putting reservations aside and looking through a strictly objective lens, Christianity is found to be the only worldview through which the steps can be worked. We have heard why philosophical underpinnings such as atheism, agnosticism, pantheism, and deism hold no water when tried against a 12 step paradigm. Now, we will consider why Christianity works if we work it!

Christianity states that God is a Self-Existing, Supreme, Personal Being and Creator of the universe. We hold that man was created special, in the image of God Himself. We believe that since the fall of the first man into sin, we have all liven in a fallen, sinful state. This fallen state is what allows the evil of addiction to so easily beset us. Because our sins have separated us from God, we find ourselves in need of a savior. This savior had to live a sinless life, and had to give Himself as a perfect sacrifice for mankind. You see, God has to be all-loving, and all-just. So He made a way by sending His only Son, Jesus Christ to die the death we deserved in order that through faith in Him, we wouldn’t die in our sin, but would be granted eternal life. This faith results in a new creation. We are made new by Christ through the Holy Spirit and are given freedom from our sins. This means freedom from our addictions. Perhaps more so, we are granted freedom from the character defects that caused our addictions in the first place.

After making a decision to turn our lives and our wills over to God, and With the help of the Holy Spirit, we are able to begin the action steps. We are able to see our defects of character through new eyes. The ultimate Good now lives in us. Because of this, we are able to see the things that don’t measure up to that good more clearly and we are given power to renew our minds and subdue our bodies. We are able in Christ to put our addiction under arrest.

We are then able to maintain our new life by being kept in the hands of the one who saved us. We are able through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God. He shows is his will, we follow it with the help of His Spirit.

Christianity is the only worldview that shows us the true problem and gives us a solution outside of ourselves. The basis of the 12 steps is admitting our inability to beat addiction on our own and turning to a real, loving God to help drag us from the pits. Since this is the case, Christianity reigns supreme as the only worldview through which 12 Step recovery is logically possible!

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