Why Would Jesus Want To Die For An Alcoholic/Drug Addict?

Listen, You haven’t met this alcoholic/addict. He was awful. A worthless, low down sinner who had no good in him. He deserved to die right there in his sins. This guy hurt everyone he ever loved. He never once considered those loved ones who watched him like one watches a bad trainwreck as he stumbled aimlessly through life. He was too worried about himself. He especially never considered Jesus.

This addict never once thought of the breath that God gave him as anything other than a way to measure his blood alcohol content. He was shameless and hopeless. He gave all he had to his addiction and left nothing for his family or friends. Why on Earth would the God of the universe want to die for somebody like that?

This guy didn’t even try to talk Jesus out of it. He may as well have driven the nails through Jesus’ hands and feet. He may as well have been holding the whip that tore chunks of flesh out of the Messiah. He may as well have been the one who spit on Jesus face and plucked His beard. He may as well have placed the crown of thorns on Jesus’ head. His addiction meant more to him than any relationship, especially his relationship with the man he just allowed to die in his stead.

So why would Jesus want to give his life for a man like that? I still don’t fully understand, but I’m glad He did. I was that addict.

Yet in the midst of my sin, when my heart was as black as night, he looked down outside of time and space and decided that though I was never worth it, I was worth it to Him. He became sin that knew no sin that I might become the righteousness of God in Christ. God became incarnate, tempted at all points like I was, yet without sin, and offered 33 years of sinless life as retribution for the things I had done. Horrible things.

See God doesn’t just specialize in making bad men good, He specializes in bringing dead men to life. His resurrection from the grave insures my resurrection from the same grave. God, being all just, couldn’t let sin go unpunished, yet being all loving, saw fit to make a way to Himself through faith. This kind of sacrifice is unfathomable.

Yet there it is. His salvation. In it, the very worst of the worst now have an opportunity to live. I mean truly live. You don’t have to continue punishing yourself for your bad deeds. You don’t have to throw in the towel and give up on the thought of a better life.

Addiction is a killer. Man left to his own devices will follow that killer thinking it supplies him life until his own death comes at it’s hands. But man when left to God’s devices can accept Jesus and take up a cross (an instrument of death) and follow Him to life. There is no sin he won’t forgive, not even addiction. If you sound like the addict I described, don’t fall for the lie that Jesus didn’t die for you. His grace can be yours today.

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