If you’ve spent any time at a dealers/bootleggers house you know that us addicts are a paranoid bunch. That makes us much more susceptible to believing a good conspiracy theory. And what better conspiracy is there than one that targets religion?

Many stoners spend a big chunk of their time staring at the TV having their minds blown by Ancient Aliens. We’ve all found ourselves at 3am wondering how we got to an online video about how Christianity came to be by borrowing from other ancient religions and astrology or the gnostic Gospels.

Working with a number of addicts who claim atheism or agnosticism, we have learned that when pushed on their beliefs, they often concede that the biggest influence on their theology and doctrine has come from YouTube or the History Channel. The problem with this lies in the fact that the conspiracies pushed by these entertainment hubs is often contradictory and based on false claims.

We know for example, that most, if not all of the gnostic Gospels we’re written sometime in the 200’s AD and after. This means that none of them could have been written by those in whom authorship is claimed. Not only this, they were called gnostic Gospels for a reason, this is because they were never associated with mainstream Christianity like the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. They were never “thrown out” of the Bible because they were never considered part of the Bible. The four original have been associated with the writers and have remained since the beginning as the true stories of Christ. They were all written before 100 AD and are therefore within a generation of the death of Christ. The latest find traces the Gospel of Mark back to Egypt around 48 AD. If Christ died between 28-33 AD then Mark was almost surely written soon after in order to make it to Egypt by this time. This same evidence debunks conspiracies that say Jesus’ life was made up and that He never truly existed. No serious scholar believes this today. Parts of 1 Corinthians date back to within a few years of Jesus death, one part in particular inviting the reader to ask one of over 500 who claim to have seen the risen Jesus, most of whom were still alive at the time of the writing. Many other theories exist that attempt to refute Jesus as nothing more than a literary character.

No, Jesus was not borrowed from the Egyptian story of the god Horus.

No, the Bible is not a book about astrology, as the “Zeitgeist” movie claims.

No, Jesus was not an ancient alien, (I’m not even going to justify this with a link)

And no, the Da Vinci Code was not based on facts.

Just because someone wrote something online or said something on a television show doesn’t make it factual. We must learn to check things for validity and truth before coming to believe in them (that includes this blog.) The evidence for Christianity is overwhelming, and try as they may, no conspiracy can come against the truth of Jesus. If you want a good conspiracy theory, consider why Roman authorities covered up the resurrection. Consider that the guards outside Jesus grave were paid off to come up with a reason why Jesus’ body was missing when all they had to do to squash Christianity was produce the body of the One claiming to be the Christ. Consider why Christianity spread so quickly and why the men who saw Him alive were so convinced they were willing to die proclaiming what they saw. Consider Jesus.

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