If you’ve spent any time at a dealers/bootleggers house you know that us addicts are a paranoid bunch. That makes us much more susceptible to believing a good conspiracy theory. And what better conspiracy is there than one that targets religion? Many stoners spend a big chunk of their time staring at the TV having […]


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The Program-ism

Many claim that we can put the 12 Step Program itself in the place of God in our Recovery. There are a couple of reasons why this can be a deadly decision to our recovery. First off, putting your trust in the program means one of two things: One must either place trust in an […]

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Born With It

Should a Christian believe that addiction is a decision or is an addict born that way? This is perhaps the biggest question we face as the opioid crisis looms and people give their lives daily for one last high. The answer is far more complicated than a simple yes or no. Looking at this problem […]

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The Doorknob Theory

If you have spent any time whatsoever inside the circles of AA or NA, you’ve heard something like it. “You see that *insert random inanimate object here*? It can be your God if you want it to be.” It sounds kind of fun, giving your life and will over to the care of a doorknob. […]

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What Is Truth?

man stands before Pilate, beaten and shamed. Pilate asks what is perhaps the most significant question ever asked to the man who claims to be the Son of God. “What is truth?” The funny thing is Pilate doesn’t even wait for Jesus to answer. He moves on as if he hadn’t asked anything, let alone […]

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Now booking from Fall 2018 to Winter 2019

Apologetics isn’t saying you’re sorry! The term “apologetics” is transliterated from the Greek “απολογιαν.” It means to make a defense. Apologetics is about defending the Christian faith. Bro. Chris Brown brings unique experience to the field. As a recovering addict/alcoholic himself, Chris Asks not only “Why do we believe what we believe?”, But “How does […]

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Why Are Church People So Mean?

You walk in the door, the walls don’t cave in and the place doesn’t go up in flames like you thought it would, so that’s probably a good sign. It’s 11:05 but you promised yourself you were going to see what this Church thing is all about. It doesn’t matter if you’re late as long […]

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